Las Lagunas

Las Lagunas Improvements
We have put down old fashioned mesquite fencing at the entrance and around the main meeting area.  A gate has been designed to decorate the entrance, and we look forward to its inclusion soon.
We are excited to announce that we currently have:
  • two ramadas,
  • two trails down into the wetlands,
  • a bird blind,
  • a wood bench,
  • two wrought iron benches given to us by Don Manuel Gloria,
  • a floating dock,
  • a walk way across the water,
  • trails,
  • motion lights,
  • drip system,
  • trash containers,
  • electricity,
  • historical and environmental interpretive signage
  • and much more!!!
Most of these improvements were completed in collaboration with the Nogales High School and area volunteer groups. All improvements were paid for by grant monies won in 2011, thanks to our committed staff, managed by Arlyn Johnson and led by J. A. Sedgwick 
Come and enjoy this wonderful site with us!  Once a trash dump, now a testament to what communities can do when they get together behind a common vision, Las Lagunas is absolutely peaceful, bursting with life, and generally wonderful!